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Using this Town Centre Guide

This guide lists all the shops, pubs, restaurants and other establishments in the town centre as at the 'last complete update' date noted on the Home page (there may be some later individual updates).

All establishments are listed, for free. Additional information can be added by the business owners for a small subscription (more information in the Business Owners section).

You can explore the town shops etc using the Location View, the map enabling you to jump from place to place.

Click on the entry to read a bit more information (if ... more is noted). The entries are colour coded to show you where you are on the street plan.

If you are looking for a particular product or service, you can use the Product Index or Search box.

When using the search box, please use words of at least 4 letters. You can choose to only return results that contain all of the words you input, or you can widen it to return results that contain any of the words. If no results are returned, try a more general input, eg 'stationery' rather than 'pencil'.

Click on the summarised entry to see more information, including a map showing the location.

The Name Index or Search box will help you find a specific shop by name, with details (where supplied) and a map to show the location.


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The following products and services are available in Marlow: accessories, antiques, art_gallery, artisan_grocer, audio, aveda, baby_equipment, baby_wear, balloons, bank, bar, barber, bathroom, beauty, betting, bicycles, bird_food, book_shop, books, building_society, cafe, cakes, car_park, car_sales, car_servicing, cards, charity_shop, chemist, childrens_clothing, chinese, chocolate_and_coffee_bar, clothing, coffee, confectionery, cooking_equipment, cotton, curry, cycles, decorating, dress_hire, dry_cleaners, estate_agent, exhausts, fabrics, financial_advice, flowers, food, fruit, furnishing, furniture, general_stores, gents_clothing, gents_hairdresser, gifts, haberdashery, hair_extensions, hairdresser, health_and_beauty, healthfood, hotel, indian_restaurant, information_and_advice, insurance_brokers, interflora, interior_design, irish_pub, ironmonger, italian_restaurant, jewellery, key_cutting, kitchen, kitchen_equipment, ladies_clothing, library, linen, lingerie, manicure, mens_clothing, mens_hairdresser, mobile_phones, music, nails, newsagent, office_services, optician, party, pet_food, pet_healthcare, pets, pharmacy, photography, picture_framing, picture_gallery, piercing, portraits, public_house, recruitment_agent, restaurant, sandwiches, shoe_repair, shoes, skateboards, snowboards, sportswear, stationery, stone_fittings, stone_surfaces, supermarket, supplements, sweets, swimwear, tailoring, take_away, tattooing, tiles, toiletries, toys, travel_agent, tyres, vegetables, wine_merchant, womens_clothing, wood_surface, porcelain_tiles, wooden_flooring, mosaics, tile_fitting, natural_stone

Marlow Town Centre Guide
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The Marlow Town Centre Guide includes all the establishments in the town centre, as at the time of the last update, which is usually recent.


This mobile version is simple and functional, designed to give you just the information you choose. When looking at the details for an establishment, you can keep it text only, or choose to show the picture and/or location map.


Product Index:

Select a product in the Product Index for a list of establishments offering that product or service.

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This is a list of all of the establishments in the town centre.

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This website is produced by kwservices www.marlowwebsites.co.uk




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